Sunday, January 22, 2017

Saturday - Jan. 21

Gravel Bike Ride w/ Randy
 - 33.0 miles
 - 3:16:40
 - 3596' of elevation gained
 - aveHR 121
 - maxHR 167
 - suffered an 1/8" slice in my tire but had them run tubeless with OrangeSeal sealant which effectively sealed the slice for the remained of the ride without needing changing.  Very impressive stuff and I see why it is highly rated.  We did not push the pace today but I was very happy with how my legs felt on the sustained climbs we did.

Trail Run w/ Kilo
 - Wooster Memorial Park
 - 5.7 miles
 - 1:07:18
 - 791' of climbing
 - aveHR 153
 - maxHR 173
 - we cut out early because Kilo was dragging a bit, he ran 2.5 miles around town this morning and was finally tired. My legs were tight the first 1.5 miles but then loosened up and felt great the remainder of the time.


Kikolu said...

Andrew, ever tried the amosov routine? It's fun.
What's your diet like these days? You try to loose mass?

Andrew Durniat said...

I have not tried the amosov routine, but will definitely look it up and investigate. My diet is very much the same, i've just reduced portions sizes at lunch and dinner. My current bodyweight is at 217-218#, which is down from a high of 242# before the last Arnold Mighty Mitts in 2014. I wouldn't mind getting down to 210# for the Ironman, June 11, which is manageable at about a pound every 2-3 weeks. Too drastic a weigh-cut will hamper my conditioning and I'm happy with my progression.