Friday, June 22, 2018

Thursday - June 21

After Work.....

Trail Run series race #3
 - 5.55 miles
 - 54:52
 - 9:53 pace
 - 655 ft. of elevation
 - aveHR 168
 - maxHR 191 (beginning spike again, 182 was highest during the run within the last .55 miles to the finish)
 - went out way too fast.  First 2-miles were a 8:00 pace and then the hills came.  Still a great evening of running/racing trails.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Wednesday - June 20

Jump Rope - 2 minutes

Bench Press (290# max)
 10x 45#
 8x 135#
 5x 185#
 3x 205#
 4x 5 @ 225# x 5 last set on 3 minute timer


15 minutes (EDT)
 - Pullup x5 - 12 sets
 - Dips x10 - 12 sets


KB Snatch set - switch arms every minute
 - 10 minutes @ 20kg
 - 20 rpm

Seated Calf Raise
 6x 45, 80, 105, 115, 115#

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Tuesday - June 19

Dynamic Warm-up / Jump Rope 2 minutes

Squat (350# max)
10x 135
 5x 185
 3x 225, 245#
 4x 5 @ 270# x 6 last set on 3:00 timer

Power Cleans + Shuttle Sprints - from Rob Shaul and Mountain Tactical
12 Minute - Every Minute on the Minute wearing 30# Weight Vest
 - 3x Power Clean @ 135#
 - 75m Shuttle (3x 25m lengths)
 - Walk Back to Start
 - a very solid series.  Got into a groove after set 6.  Stretching this out to 20 sets will be possible but I'm not going to challenge myself with that until after Leadville.

Clients, Lunch, Clients.....

After Work.....

Road Run
 - 4.37 miles
 - 38:02
 - 8:41 pace
 - 386 ft. of elevation
 - aveHR 156
 - maxHR 170

Monday, June 18, 2018

Sat-Sun - June 16-17

Mohican 100
 - pacing Kim Bracken from mile53 aid station to mile78 aid
 - 7:58pm - 5:30ish am
 - Mohican State Park
 - 24.96 miles
 - 9:19:45
 - 22:25 pace
 - 2556 ft. of elevation
 - aveHR 92
 - maxHR 141

My first experience pacing any race, and what an experience.  First off Kim is amazing.  This was her first go at the 100-mile distance and she made it to mile-81 before being pulled for missing the time cut-off.  We were hiking strong through mile-58 when her right calf started to severely cramp.  We stretched and began using trekking poles up to the next aid station where she got it wrapped, stretched and wrapped an ice pack on by the medical staff.  This improved her condition tremendously and we were back to hiking about a 17 minute per mile pace through the next next couple of miles.  Maybe 1.5-2 miles out from the Covered Bridge aid station at ~mile65, her IT band on the left leg started to give out as well.  Our pace had already begun to slow (19-min/mile) but we were still on pace for a finish.  We stopped and stretched on trail which afforded some relief but we required to additional stops before the next aid station at mile72ish.  Additional medical attention to the calf and now to the IT band, I believe she now had 4 ace bandages and 2 ice packs strapped to her but she was still moving and we were getting there.  All this time I continued to annoy her about eating as we moved, mostly this was effective and sometimes not.  ~3am she became verbally tired, commenting on how she felt like she sleep walking at times and sometimes stumbling because of this.  Additional stretching sessions also occurred.  Pace during some of these miles was now becoming 25 to a max of 35 minutes per mile.  This was not due to a lack of will, her body was breaking down and we did our best to manage it and she kept pressing on.  She knew she was slowing and wanted to know what time it was, her watch battery had died by this point, I refused to tell her and just said 'It's Sunday'.  I felt she didn't need additional stress about hearing her pace, she just needed to continue to move forward as fast and smooth as possible.  She agreed that regardless of time, this is what she had.  As we exited the forest approaching mile78 aid, friends and family were waiting for her.  The sun was rising and tears came down as she knew she was over the cut-off, but she was right at the cut-off.  She checked in and the workers said she could continue if she chose.  Some quick adjustments and she was headed towards the next check point with Jill and Andrea her next pacers.  It was at the mile-81 check point she was now officially behind and pulled from the course.  Words do not describe the strength and determination to press on I witnessed in these 25-miles.  

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Thursday - June 14

Road Run
 - 3.02 miles
 - 23:32
 - 7:47 pace
 - 246 ft. of elevation
 - aveHR 157
 - maxHR 174 (heart rate didn't peak until i was coming up the hill near the end, nice)

Wednesday - June 13

Jump Rope - 2 minutes

Bench Press (290# max)
 10x 45#
 8x 135#
 5x 185#
 6x 5 @ 205# x 8 last set on 3 minute timer

15 minutes (EDT)
 - Tire Flip x5 - 13 sets + 4 flips
 - Dips x10 - 13 sets

Lunch, Clients....

Pullups - 2x7 each (2" bar)
 - regular
 - reverse
 - close
 - wide
 - neutral

DB Curls (r/l) w/ FatGripz
 10x 15, 20, 25, 30#

Lateral + Front DB Shoulder Raise w/ FatGripz
 10x 5, 10, 10#


Spin Bike
 - 11 minutes
 - aveHR 98
 - maxHR 107


Spin Bike
 - 25 minutes
 - aveHR 117
 - maxHR 132

Brandon is on vacation the remainder of this week so I'm working the gym open to close.  Giving me some extra time to do some things I don't normally do in a training day.