Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Tuesday - May 17

Kettlebell Snatch set
 - 20kg
 - 10 minutes, single arm switch
 - 22 rpm
 - didn't feel great going into this but it ended up being the easiest (RPE) 22rpm with 20kg set to date.

Front Squat (off 115kg max)
 5 x 50, 63kg
 5 x 75kg
 5 x 86kg
 5+ @ 98kg x 6

Trap Deadlift (off 230kg max)
 5 x 75, 125kg
 5 x 150kg
 5 x 175kg
 5+ @ 196kg x 6

Seated Calf Raise
 8 x 45, 70, 105, 105, 105#

After Lunch.....

Malcolm sends me a text message about Klokov doing a middle finger deadlift with 45kg, says he got to 42.5kg and asks what I can do?

I put 40kg on a bar and it was super easy.  50kg was next and it was hard but a full pull.  A warm-up and chalk would have helped but maybe only for another 3-5kg.

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