Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thursday - May 12

De-Load weights

Front Squat (off 115kg max)
 5 x 50, 60kg
 5 x 65kg
 5 x 70kg
 5 @ 75kg 

Trap Deadlift (off 230kg max)
 5 x 75, 115kg
 5 x 125kg
 5 x 140kg
 5 @ 150kg

Seated Calf Raise
 8 x 45, 70, 95, 95, 95#

1 to 10, 10 to 1 Pyramid
 - pullup x1
 - pushup x2
 - situp x3

Neck exercises x20
DB Shrug @ 50# x20

8-count Burpee x10

Max Pushup in 2minutes: 79
Max situp in 2minutes: 75
Max pullups: 17


30 to 47 said...

Hey Andrew

just got a stress fracture from basketball so im out for 6 to 10 weeks
with a boot on.....

as an active person what exercises could you recommend for the next 10 weeks to focus on?

great blog as per usual



Andrew Durniat said...

I'd focus on your upper-body and abs. Only thing I can anticipate you doing with your lower-body is swimming. Obviously, check this over with your doctor first. Stress fractures take a good deal of time to heal and then will require you to slowly re-enter your impact activities. All the best in your healing process.

30 to 47 said...

ta Andrew!!