Monday, May 23, 2016

Saturday - May 21

Sorinex Summer Strong 9

Ultimate Athlete Combine (10 events)
 - Hand dynometer (3 attempts each hand): I was 106-120 on both hands.
 - Standing Broad Jump (3 attempts): 9' 5" best
 - 10 yds Dash: 1.63 second
 - VersaClimber 1-minute sprint: 276 vertical feet
 - 185# Bench Press w/ Tendo: 700
 - TrapDL (elevated handles): 620# (650 was glued)
 - VersaPulley thing: 594 watts
 - 25# weight-vest + 40# sandbag carry to top of University of South Carolina football stadium and back down for time: 4:09
 - 2000m Row: 6:45
 - KIM test (Keep In Memory): we were shown 10 items for 2-minutes before we started the combine and then had to list and describe 4 attributes of each at the end of the combine.  I was good for 9/10 items with 4 descriptions of each, completely blanked on one item.  Items were; Rubber Mallet, Sorinex Bosco Stickers, Metal Knurled Bar (the items I missed), File Folder, Tie-Down Ring, Small Plastic Doll, Phillips Screwdriver, Emergency Strobe/Flashlight, Pulling Harness and a Flat-Metal Wrench.  So I totaled 36/40 for this event.

Overall I placed 4th and tweaked my hamstring/glute on the 10 yds. dash.  We did some grip feats and lifts at the after party, but nothing too crazy (blobs/db's)

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