Thursday, March 3, 2016

Thursday - Mar. 3

Trap Deadlift (off 225kg max)
 8 x 75kg
 5 x 125, 146kg
 5 x 169kg
 3 x 191kg
 1+ @ 214kg x 3

SuperSets + 30# weight vest
 - Squat -3x15
 - Walking Lunge - 3x15(r/l)

Double Leg Bound - no weight vest
 - 2x10

Side to Side Hop - 10" bar
 - 2x20

Seated Calf Raise
 8 x 45, 70, 105, 115, 115#

Fire Hydrants 3x50 (r/l)

Neck Exercises x40

Prowler Pushes - 20yds. down/back
  - 3x +90, 160, 210# (full recovery between)

 - drag #6
 - 2000m
 - Time: 6:44.3
 - 1:41.1 ave500m
 - aveHR 156
 - maxHR 170

This 2000m time is my now my all-time best, prior was 6:48 in high school.  I held sub-1:40 for the first 1000m and then sub-1:46 thereafter.  I feel sub-1:40 for the entire 2000m is possible with further training.  


climber511 said...

Some very quick rowing considering you are not "a rower" by specialty but training for all around strength and endurance. Two thumbs up!

Andrew Durniat said...

Thank you. Progress continues. While the rower builds my overall aerobic capacity I need to remember to still spend the majority of time with the swim/bike/run that I will specifically need for the triathlon. I also think next week will be a 5000m distance to keep it more aerobic and less of a sprint. It has been fun and hard to focus while posting really nice erg numbers.