Monday, March 14, 2016

Saturday - Mar. 12

Road Bike
 - 24.23 miles
 - 1:22.30
 - 17.62 aveMPH
 - aveHR 129
 - maxHR 240 (something must have gone wrong)
 - 1555 ft. of elevation gained

Finished in the dark, glad to have my tail-light.  Had a scary first incidence with 'speed-wobble' on one of the descends over 40mph.  I was able to regain control and feel it was something I was doing wrong.  After researching it, it seems that I probably remained seated on the descent taking the shock absorption away from legs, which can induce speed wobble at certain speeds.  Best to hover slightly and equally load pedals and handlebars. 


climber511 said...

Max HR of 240 is very close to what a 2 to 1 atrial flutter would give you on a 129 average HR. Keep an eye on things - endurance athletes are more likely to have episodes. I had some of those screwy heart rate readings before my different spells. I sure hope I'm wrong.

Andrew Durniat said...

Good to know and I will continue to monitor closely.