Saturday, March 19, 2016

Saturday - Mar. 19

Road Bike
 - 29.24 miles
 - 1:54:10
 - aveMPH 15.37
 - ave watts 200
 - aveHR 149
 - maxHR 187
 - 2303ft. Climbed
 - ave cadence 80

This morning was a cold ride, starting temp was 32 degrees. Fingers were the only thing that really gave me trouble toward the end. Was hoping to do a few more hills but time and cold brought me in.  Average speed wasn't the greatest but being wrapped in cold-weather gear always sucks it up.  Super excited about averaging 200 watts. This was a non-stated goal at the beginning of the year and I'm now seeing how monitoring wattage is a between indicator of fitness than just average speed.  As a point of reference I was averaging 125-150 all last year.

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