Thursday, February 25, 2016

Thursday - Feb. 25

Bodyweight was at 217# this morning.  This marks 2 weeks of measuring below 220#, it's been awhile since I've been this light.

Trap Deadlift
 5 x 75, 110, 135kg
 3 x 156, 180kg
 3+ @ 203kg x 4

SuperSets + 30# weight vest
 - Squat x 10, 15, 20
 - Walking Lunge (r/l) x 10, 15, 20

Double Leg Bound - no weight vest
 x 10, 15, 20

Side to Side Hop - 10" bar
 x 10, 15, 20

Seated Calf Raise
 8 x 45, 70, 105, 115, 115#

Fire Hydrants x100 (r/l)

Neck Exercises x35

Prowler Pushes - 20yds. down/back
  - 2x +90, 160, 210#

 - drag #6
 - 2000m
 - Time: 6:54.3
 - aveHR 165
 - maxHR 173

 - drag #6
 - 500m
 - Time: 1:26.0
 - this is a personal best by 0.6 seconds.
 - this was done purely for fun because Brandon wondered what I could do.  The last 250m was brutal and feel I can do better if fresh.

Was super worried about the 2000m.  Yesterday I thought it would be cool to go sub-7:00 after training, but sitting on the rower was scary.  My training and aerobic capacity is greatly improved.  Max effort is way down, but I have a half-ironman and mountains to climb which require endurance.


climber511 said...

Pretty awesome conditioning! And 1:26 ain't nothing to sneeze at :).

Andrew Durniat said...

Thank you. It was a crazy strong finish to the day. Quads had some cramping during the double leg bounding and I knew the sled pushes would leave a mark as well. The first 500m of 2000 was a smooth sub-1:40 and I thought to slow it down to 1:45 and was rather comfortable the rest of the way. Had I read the record board prior, I might have pushed harder. My prior 2000m record was 6:53.8, so I was a half second slower. Overall, I'm very excited to look at my numbers and feel how my body is responding. However, I'm trying not to get too greedy and overdo it, which is hard when you feel good.

climber511 said...

Yeah the closer you get to the "crash point" the better you usually feel - right up until the train leaves the track and goes off the mountain :).