Monday, December 7, 2015

Monday - Dec. 7

CycleOps Bike trainer
 - 60 minutes
 - ave cadence 79
 - distance 20.1
 - aveHR 138
 - maxHR 162

Way easier to elevate heart rate on the bike trainer than it is on the recumbent bike.  Perceived exhaustion was about the same, but my thighs seem to 'feel it' more on the recumbent bike.  Regardless, I need to control my heart rate better to go the ironman distance.  Of other note, this was the best comfort I've felt on the aero bars.


climber511 said...

Not following Maffatone any more?

Andrew Durniat said...

HR today was me being inattentive. Continuing to educate myself in the ways of endurance training. Will be using blocks of pure Zone 1, and mixed blocks (Building Phases) with every Zone 1,2,3,4,5 for interval work. I will still maintain some Zone 1 training during the Build Phase (was suppose to be today and then again on Wednesday (swim) and Friday (a bit of everything)). Bike trainer intervals will be on this Thursday (Zone 3 and 4). Two more weeks of Build Phase (total of 6) then back to 6-8 weeks of Zone 1 before another Build into the spring summer race season.