Sunday, December 6, 2015

Saturday - Dec. 5

Gripmas Grip Sport Competition

ISG gripper thing
 - best close was 297.740
 - was quiet surprised I came in 2nd and did so well. Without training grippers this strength typically decreases, but not today.

Two Hands Pinch
 - 54mm width
 - 235.52 which is very close to my personal best of (240-2?).
 - again pleasantly surprised

Double Overhand Axle DL
 - 442.36
 - right in line with my standard non-training numbers. Top lift is 485# in training.
 - felt the deadlifts as this is the heaviest weight I've lifted in many months.

 - I achieved 36 of 50 points in the 4 minute time limit
 - lots of big feats and I did everything I thought I would do a some a was happy to still do (45s pinch, 5-10s)

Overall a great day with great people.  I finished the day playing with some thick DB lifts and playing on Chris' campus board.

On the campus board I achieved a climb of 1-2-3-4-5 on the small rungs and then went 1-5 with both arms on the large rungs, even managing 1-5.5 with the right arm. Lots of other combinations also done.  Grip was very fatigued on the drive home, but was wise to stop playing when I did to not overdo it.

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