Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday - April 29

Pullups x 2, 4, 6, 8, 10
 - regular
 - reverse
 - close
 - wide

Arm Haulers
 - 2 x 75

Neck Exercises
 2 x 50

Lunch Break......

20 SuperSets
 - Situp x10
 - Pushup x10
 - V-up x10
 - Close Pushup x10
 - Leg Lever x10
 - Hindu Pushup x10


30 to 47 said...

Hey Andrew
great blog as per usual
just wondering
how do you do your situps? anchored?
for the long did it take you to do the 1200 sets?
has the long distance riding had positive benefits re body comp and retaining muscle mass/strength?

Andrew Durniat said...

Thanks for following.
1) situps are not anchored, unless it is my max reps in 2 minutes set, then they are anchored.
2) each superset takes approximately 1-1:30 to complete. I can maintain a 3 minute interval for most of it creating a total time of 60 minutes when doing the 20 sets and then out to an hour thirty for 25 sets. Long and grueling, but it is is getting more 'comfortable'.
3) the distance riding, running, swimming and bodyweight training has changed my body composition a good bit. I start at 242# and I'm now down to 216-219#. I am very much leaner, have not tested body-fat%, but I have abs again.
4) maximum strength is down, but I'm not training to build/maintain the high level I was at before. My goals are also different; from Arnold MightyMitts and LA FitExpo to now Ironman triathlon and climbing.
5) my evening resting heart rate before bed in frequently around 45 bpm and I've seen as low as 37 bpm.
6) overall, i feel healthier (when rested from the high volume)

Keep the questions coming.

30 to 47 said...

Great answer Andrew thanks!!
wow gonna give that 60 min superset a crack....