Saturday, April 1, 2017

Saturday - Apr. 1

A Fool's Day Workout
 - Molon Labe Crossfit

Every Hour On The Hour x5 Rounds
 - 2 mile run + 30# vest
 - 20x Fr. Squat at bodyweight 
 - 20x Bench Press at bodyweight
 - 20x 15' rope climb

Run #1
 - 17:27
 - aveHR 157
 - 8:44 pace

 - 18:49
 - aveHR 157
 - 9:17 pace

 - 19:17
 - aveHR 160
 - 9:45 pace

Run#4 - no weight vest
 - 18:42
 - aveHR 154
 - 9:17 pace

Run#5 - no weight vest
 - 18:12
 - aveHR 156
 - 9:09 pace

In round #3 we all hit a wall and switched to pull-ups instead of rope climbs.  Hands were just raw even though we wore gloves.  Un-racking the front squats was also chore but maintained.

We dropped the weight vests for the fourth run as IT band and knees were feeling it.  When we returned Mark (owner/head coach at Molon) informed us that he wanted everyone to scale back the lifts to 70% which we didn't argue with, so I continued with 155# for the remaining two rounds.  A much nicer weight to handle but not super easy under fatigue.

Overall, very happy with the training day and really liked the setup of this Workout and feel it can/will be used again by me.  Different exercises can be substituted in; turkish get-up, back squat, rower.  Also very impressed with my running ability with the weight vest, this was my first time running with one.

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