Sunday, April 9, 2017

Sunday - Apr. 9

Road bike
 - 56.8 miles
 - 3:21:28
 - 16.9 ave mph
 - 4741' of elevation gained
 - aveHR 134
 - maxHR 160
 - really tried to not push the pace knowing I was going to run afterwards. Heart rate stayed right where I wanted and never went above threshold on any of the climbs.

Road Run w/ John McPhilips
 - 4.99 miles
 - 41:32
 - 8:19 pace
 - 295' of elevation gained
 - aveHR 162
 - maxHR 172
 - definitely started off faster than I expected, but my legs actually felt decent, so I went with it.  That lasted 2.5 miles and then I had to back off a bit, but my mile splits went from 7:45ish to 8:40ish, so still not bad for me.

Overall, VERY happy with how today went and look forward to repeating this next Sunday with possibly a few extra miles on the run.

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