Monday, August 22, 2016

Monday - Aug. 22

DB Complex Warm-up
 - curl/press/french press - 2x10
 - 15#

 - 1 to 10, 10 to 1

25 SuperSets
 - situp
 - pushup
 - atomic situp
 - close pushup
 - leg lever
 - hindu pushup

Side Sandbag Load
 - 20 minutes
 - 60#
 - 244 reps

After Lunch.....

Neck exercises 2x50
DB Shrugs 2x50 @ 50#

Side Lying Shoulder external rotation
 x50 unloaded (r/l)

DB Curls
 10x 25, 30, 30#


climber511 said...

That's a sick sandbag workout!

Andrew Durniat said...

Yes it is and I'm loving it. It is SO simple and somewhat monotonous, but it works and hits parts of my body like nothing else. Work capacity and rotational resilience. This is now on my once a week list.

climber511 said...

What weight did you start with/. I have a 20# medicine ball I think I'll try out - I foresee some sore obliques :)

Andrew Durniat said...

That would be perfect. I started with the 60# and ten minutes. It works everything; hips, obliques, shoulders, traps, grip(that was a surprise).