Sunday, June 5, 2016

Saturday - June 4

2016 North American Grip Sport Nationals

I wasn't expecting anything spectacular from myself because I have not been doing any grip sport training while I focus on endurance sports.  I weighed in at 220#, but that was after my normal oatmeal breakfast, juice, some trail mix and a pot of coffee during the final morning preparations of hosting the event for the 4th year.

Right hand gripper -20mm block set
 - 165 good, missed 170 twice after, passed on 4th
Left hand gripper
 - 145, 150, 155, missed 160
About where I thought I would be on both hands if I had to guess.

2 hands pinch - 54mm width
 - 181.19, 191.59, 196.91, 201.87 all good
The last lift definitely slid on the way up but I was able to control it and finish.  I may need to try 58mm next time as it felt better warming up, but everything feels better when its light.

2" Double Overhand Axle Deadlift
 - 389.45, 409.3, 422.52, missed 429.14
Well this was the eye-opener of the day for me.  It wasn't my hands, but my hamstrings that gave out.  Slowest deadlifts ever, with some leg shake.  I will definitely be throwing some conventional deadlifts back into the weekly routine and I will use and a new FBBC 2 3/8" axle Andrew Pantke brought up for me.

Internal/External Sledge hammer rotations
 - 1 maybe 2 reps with the 8# (30" handle)
 - Lots of reps with the 6# (30" handle)
Having never tried this event, I really liked it and felt it is an excellent event.  Jedd, Gil, Paul Knight and myself spoke about how to improve the quality in future contests.
I completed most reps with my left arm as I still battle so elbow issues in my right from the reality tv arm wrestling gig a few years back.  Had I trained this event, like most things, it would have been substantially better.

 - 10 points total
I started with the Blob as is my tradition, it took me a couple of attempts.  Also took me a couple of attempts at the InchDB which drew a few gasps from the crowd, thats never happened before.  Only light items I had to defer to were the 4-tens, Saxon, 2-35s, everything else was a successful heavy item.  The 4-tens were right at the buzzer and I do not believe were completed in time.

Overall a great time seeing some old friends and playing with weights.  I will say the craftsmanship coming from Andrew Pantke (FBBC) and Gil Goodman (Barrel Strength) are tremendous, very attention to detail products that are showing to hold up to heavy abuse, I highly recommend them both.  Next years Nationals will be down in Nashville, Tennessee with Gil Goodman and Maria Bascetta the first Saturday of June, 2017.  Can't wait to see everyone there.

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