Sunday, January 31, 2016

Saturday - Jan. 30

Road ride with the Bikewerks cycling team
 - category 2 riders (cat 5 is beginner, cat 1 is just below Le Tour de France)

I finished 41.79 miles but forgot to restart my gps a couple of times and feel I probably totaled 45.  Regardless, I managed to bearly hang onto these guys for the first 25 miles from Wooster to Ashland. I equate the pace as they were all in Zone 1 while I was in Zone 4-5.

MaxHR 177
aveHR 142
Ave watts 178
Total time 2 hours 42 minutes
Ave speed 15.5mph
Elevation gained 2017ft.

Overall a great first day outside riding and a humbling one. These guys are good at what the do and it inspires me to keep training and go back for more.

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climber511 said...

Yeah we used to ride with a Cat 1 guy every once in a while back when I rode a lot. I don't know if humbling really covered it as much as downright embarrassing. But he would let us draft him on long rides and we never had to take a turn in front - not that we could have anyway. And like you said my flat out max wasn't even getting him warmed up. I can not imagine what the best in the world are like.