Sunday, January 24, 2016

Saturday - Jan. 23

Indoor climbing at Vertical Adventures in Columbus.
 - 7 lead routes of 5.9-5.10
 - 8 top-roped or auto-belay routes of 5.7-5.10
 - 5 hours at the gym with Kyle, Justin and Katie

I like Vertical Adventures for the lead climbing and taller walls (45', CRG has 30-35').  I've noticed I need to practice my clipping more, as I wasn't as smooth/fast as some other people.  I'll be bringing my old harness, draws and rope to the gym where I can string up some eye bolts to practice this on a weekly basis.  I was already thinking of ways to add in mental challenges to my body weight conditioning workouts and this fits right in.  Knot typing is another skill that will be practiced under fatigue/single arm hanging as well.

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