Monday, October 26, 2015

Saturday - Oct. 24

Swim @ Wooster YMCA
 - 2x50yds warm-up
 - 4x25 w/ 15 sec. rest between
 - 4x50 w/ 30 sec. rest between
 - 4x25 w/ 15 sec. rest between
 - 2x50 warm- down
 - 350 yds of drills total
 - 100 yds breast stroke
 - 100 free
 - 50 free
 - 1200 yds total - very happy with this volume for my first day back in the water in 9 years.

Indoor Bouldering and then finished with some steel bending.  Dominic Matteo and Dan Dang came in for a visit.  I was able to accomplish a few routes for the first time and felt smooth.

Later in the evening.....

Nighttime trail run with Vertical Runner at Wooster Memorial Park
 - 4.0 miles
 - rained the whole time
 - A fun run.  I didn't have my watch with me, but was doing it for fun.

Felt great to have such an active day with a multitude of activities. 

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