Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Wednesday - May 10

Erg - drag #10
 - 20 minutes
 - 5626m
 - 1:46.6 ave500m
 - aveHR 158
 - maxHR 179
 - did the first 7 minutes around 1:47-48 and then settled in to 1:50-51 before finishing the last 7 minutes at/under 1:44

After Work....

Road Bike
 - 36.16 miles
 - 1:53:52
 - 19.1 ave mph
 - aveHR 135
 - maxHR 156
 - just amazed at my average speed and heart rate max/average. Training is really paying off and feeling good.


climber511 said...

Could you expand on your reasoning for using level 10 on the rower please?

Andrew Durniat said...

yes. it's being used at the Sorinex Combine for Summer Strong next weekend and I know I can't resist rowing a 2000m piece but I also know that 10 feels different and will work my upper back more. So this is conditioning me so I don't tweak something in the moment. I'd much rather row between 4-7. Long story short, I'm preparing to be stupid.

climber511 said...

:) But at least you should be good at stupid LOL