Thursday, March 9, 2017

Thursday - Mar. 9

KB Snatch set
 - 10 minutes
 - 24kg
 - 15 rpm
 - aveHR 129
 - maxHR 149
 - I was hesitant going into this set, fatigue from the weekend and back from yesterdays pullups, but I also knew my goal is to make this set happen regardless of how I feel.  The last minute challenged me but I held tight and was successful.  Baseline fitness is holding strong.


Pool Swim
 - 250yds. warm-up - 5:08
 - 15 x 100yds on 6 breathes rest

Lunch and Clients.....

KB LongCycle
 - 10 minutes
 - 20kg
 - 6 rpm
 - aveHR 140
 - maxHR 158
 - this seems way more accurate.  Still using the Scosche armband for this.

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climber511 said...

Twice now on the rower - I had these extremely low HR readings (like 50s) while using the Scochee. Then as soon as I stop it zooms up to what I expected it to be - weird. I might try both the Arm band and the Polar chest strap (mine is old enough that they seem to not interfere with each other. Oh well, as long as it keeps beating I guess all is well :)