Sunday, March 5, 2017

Saturday - Mar. 4

Road bike to SuperBull race
 - 4.80 miles
 - 22:28
 - 400' of elevation
 - aveHR 140
 - maxHR 164

SuperBull 50k trail race
 - 31.13 miles
 - 6:53:08 (6:47 on official timer clock)
 - 4180' of elevation 
 - aveHR 140
 - maxHR 171
 - I felt solid for 18-20 miles but managed to maintain a trotting run through mile 24. From mile 24 through the finish was nothing but walking.  My feet, knees and hip flexors were borderline painful.  Walking pace was still 3+ mph the last 7 miles so I feel my energy and nutrition intake was proper.  I feel I am still a beginner runner and have yet to build up the running specific durability in my lower body for this distance. Overall very happy with my performance and have better identified weaknesses.

Road bike home from SuperBull race
 - 5.18 miles ( I took a slightly different route to avoid two short but steep climbs)
 - 20:22
 - 207' of elevation
 - aveHR 129
 - maxHR 145
 - was a little nervous getting on the bike but was amazed at how well my legs felt pedaling.  This re-enforced my previous assessment of needing better Run specific durability.  Don't get me wrong, I was fatigued, but not overly so, and felt like I could put power to pedal.  


climber511 said...

Congrats on finishing. Something the interval only crowd misses in what the pounding of long distance and time does to you. It's little tiny hits but so darn many of them and they just add and add until you're beat to crap. Good job!

Andrew Durniat said...

I'm really enjoying the process of building resilience with my body. It takes time, but I am feeling good.