Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Seven of us guys are sitting at a table listening to the band play, waiting on dinner to be served.  Burgers and beers, the finest downtown Wooster, Ohio has to offer at the First Amendment Public House.  It is Saturday night and we’ve come to relax after the day.  Nothing too unusual, until you look closer.  The seven are a collection of world-record holders in grip sport, professional arm wrestles from the US and Canada and thinking “I should have done better” (even though they won the event). 

This is not a rare occasion, nor exclusive to these seven individuals.  This happens many times a year in many locations around the world.

We, my friends and I, have frequently used the term, “the company you keep.”  This company happens to be a very highly motivated group towards physical performance.  This is where normal changes.  Normal is setting national or world records.  Normal is 170lbs. overhead with one arm.  Normal is a 600lbs. deadlift. Normal is completing an Ironman Triathlon.  This normal, is anything but normal when view by most, but it reminds me of the quote, “Show me your friends and I will show you your future.” 

If you’d like to change your idea of normal, come out to the gym sometime.  We’ll introduce you some new friends and a new normal.  Out here, “Limits are for the other people.”

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