Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tuesday - Nov. 10

 - 40 minutes
 - 9765m
 - 2:02.9 ave500m
 - drag #5

Heart Rate strap battery died.

Chris Rice finishing circuit
 - 1 minute of each, 10 minutes total
 - 20# DB's for everything
1) Squat Clean - touch db's to the ground each rep
2) Alternating Shld. Press
3) Alternating Curl
4) Bent Over Lateral Raise
5) Overhead Triceps Extension
6) Shrugs
7) Alternating Curls
8) Squat Clean - swinging the bells through legs like kb's
9) Lateral Raise
10) Toe Touch -RDL's

It was a great finisher that exposed some areas I've been neglecting.  Reps were smooth and calculated to be done for a minute at a time and without setting the db's down ever.  Grip endurance also played a strong roll.

Later in the evening......

Bouldering Wall with Jeff and Adam
 - routes, add-a-move, partner point-and-go


climber511 said...

I want to come up with several of these. I can see these as the actual workout during climbing season when most emphasis and time is on actual climbing and climbing training like Campusing and hangboard etc.

Andrew Durniat said...

It was definitely an enjoyable change and can see a circuit like this being an excellent end to a climbing training day.