Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday - Oct. 21

Today was split into 2 sessions.

Late Morning 11am

Hang Snatch
3 x 40 kg
3 x 50
3 x 60
3 x 65
3 x 67
3 x 70

KB Snatch @ 28kg
- 8 minutes @ 12 rpm
- 8 minutes @ 12 rpm

Evening Session 6:30pm

KB 2-arm Jerk @ 28kg, 4 minutes rest between sets
- 3 minutes @ 8 rpm
- 3 minutes @ 10 rpm
- 3 minutes @ 12 rpm
- 3 minutes @ 10 rpm
- 3 minutes @ 10 rpm


Zach Coulter said...

I've always wondered something, how do you KB guys count/estimate your reps/minute? I would totally lose count, or is it just keep a pace, count the reps and divide by the minutes?

optraining said...


We keep a pace and court reps each minute. When I was first starting with kettlebells I was more sporatic with my reps per minute. 1 rep every 5 sec. equals 12 rpm. Every 3 sec. equals 20 rpm. Every 10 sec. equal 6 rpm. Before you start the set you decide what pace you would like to accomplish and then go for it. Sometimes you do have to slow down, but then you record that pace change in your log. Having someone to count for you at first is a big help.

lopa said...

Zach - I do it in 15 sec increments. Look at the clock - If I'm aiming for 16/min it is 4/15 seconds. Now since I understand my cadence better if I'm aiming for 14/min, I'll just go for 7 in 30 sec. That way if you always hit your target, you'll automatically know how many you did in that many min. In other words (and it seems like I'm hell bent on complicating this), You never have to count higher than the number you do in 30 sec. Clear as mud. I'll be happy to reword this if it is confusing.