Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday - Oct. 9

Today was another conditioning day. I have really started to like these days and feel they are a benefit to my overall goal of completing 200 snatches in competition with a 32kg bell. My fitness level will need to be very high in order to get through a 10 minute jerk set and then start the 10 minute snatch set of 20 reps per minute.

Today I set up 3 stations for us; 400# tire flip x4 and Prowler + 20# 10 yds down and back, pushup x 10/pullup x 5/situp x 15, and then the Concept 2 rower for max meters. We would spend 6 minutes at each trying to complete as many sets as possible. We had 60 seconds rest between stations.

Tire Flip/Prowler - 5 sets
Push/Pull/Sit-ups - 5 sets
Rower - 1547 meters

A note about the Prowler push, we did this inside on rubber flooring. It doesn't like to slide very well on rubber flooring. This worked us like crazy. I would have liked to do this workout outside but the parking lot was full with tennis members cars. It turned out to be a tremendous workout.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Andrew,

Someone at IGx is looking for "Strong Man" training tips and I thought of you right away; hope you don't mind...I linked your blog. Today's entry is totally appropriate for what is looking for.