Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday - Oct. 14

Barbell Clean + Jerk
3 x 50 kg
3 x 60
3 x 70
3 x 80

KB 2-arm Jerk @ 24kg
- 6 minutes @ 10 rpm

20 minute Cate Imes challenge @ 28kg
- 10 minutes Snatch @ 20 rpm, switch arms every minute
- 10 minutes Clean + Jerk @ 12 rpm, switch arms every minute

Today was a good day. I utilized the barbell clean and jerks as a warm-up for my kettlebell work. One thing I struggle with is pressing the KBs and not jerking them. By warming up my CNS with barbell clean and jerks I notice that my KB clean and jerks are more precise.

The 20 minute challenge was excellent. The snatch speed felt fine and I really had to convince myself to maintain 12 rpm on the clean + jerks the last 5 minutes of the set. I'm very glad I did and am better for having done it.

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Catherine Imes said...

Nice work. Those numbers are essentially what I'll be trying to do with the 20kg. I had thought about trying it with a 24kg, but I would like to break a 300 total....