Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday - Oct. 26

Barbell Clean and Jerk
3 x 40kg
3 x 50
2 x 70
2 x 90
2 x 100

KB 2-arm Jerk @ 24kg
- 10 minutes @ 8 rpm

KB Snatch @ 24kg, single arm switch
- 10 minutes @ 20 rpm

KB Rack Hold @ 32kg
- 4 minutes

It was a quiet day in the gym but I felt solid on both the Jerk and Snatch sets. My technique was not perfect on the snatch set, I managed just fine, but I need to pay closer attention. I do not feel I can get away with being sloppy with the 32kg. Jerks were strong its just sitting in the rack position that gets me. I will be performing more rack hold sets in the days/weeks to come.

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