Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wednesday - April 16

Recumbent Bike
 - 15 minutes, level 5

 - 1.6 miles
 - 14:26

 - 15 minutes, level 5

Before I embarked on increased conditioning work I had my body-fat calculated by Poliquin BioSig practitioner Tyler Franz.  My beginning bodyweight was 230# with 15.5% body-fat.  Yesterday I was 232# with 11.7% body-fat.

I have not adjusted my diet at all.  I knew with an increased workload, I could not restrict my calories and on some days have consciously increase caloric intake.

I will also state that my main reason for additional conditioning was for cardiac health/fitness, not fat/weight loss.  I'm now 35 and have had family members suffer some heart attacks, so this is my reaction, better overall health and well being.  Also, summer plans are to be spent in the hills, climbing and hiking.

I am reading and hearing lots about "the death of cardio."  I believe cardio is good for cardiovascular health, which seems silly to need to state.  Cardio is still needed, just don't run/bike/swim to lose body-fat.

I am also looking to slow the pace of my runs and wednesday, but do look to lengthen over time.  The slower pace will be better for recovery and improved cardiovascular conditioning.  Alex Viada has some good info and thoughts on concurrent/hybrid training.

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climber511 said...

LSD type cardio and HIIT type cardio do different things for the heart. My two cents is that both probably have value. For those of us who lift hard - I think cardio done around 70% or so of of max heart rate for a moderate duration may have the best heart health benefits. I'm no doctor but I climb with one :)