Monday, December 28, 2009

Dec. 28 - Monday

2-arm LC @ 28kg
- 6 minutes @ 8 rpm

1-arm LC @ 40kg, single arm switch
- 4 minutes @ 8 rpm

5 x 24kg
5 x 32kg
5 x 40kg
5 x 48kg
5 x 60kg

5 x bodyweight
5 x 8kg
5 x 12kg
5 x 16kg
3 x 20kg


Terence Mitchell said...

VERY VERY STRONG dips Andrew!!

Im getting my dip bars welded this week!!

optraining said...

I must admit, that was the easiest set of 5 at 60kg i've done yet. Kettlebell long-cycle is coming along as well. When in doubt, just get stronger.

Terence Mitchell said...

Yes I can see! BTW my weighted pullup specialazion plan I spoke to you about is going well, im back to doing working sets with +48kgs

Like you and I agreed on, specialization is the KEY when chasing a certain goal.