Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend of Nov. 15 - 16

1-arm Jerk @ 40kg, single arm switch
- 37 / 35 - 72 total

1-arm Jerk @ 60kg, single arm switch
- 15 / 10 - 25 total

Snatch @ 32kg, single arm switch
- 6 minutes @ 20 rpm


Chris said...

Some darn strong work there - that's a lot of reps with those heavy bells!

Terence Mitchell said...

Hey Andrew!



optraining said...

Thanks guys. Lifting them overhead is actually the easy part. Its catching them in the rack position on the way down that REALLY beats you up.

Bob Garon II, IKFF, AKC said...

It was great meeting you Andrew and everything you did was both VERY impressive and VERY inspirational.

Thanks for all your help and I only hope to continue where you, Jon, Marty and Valery left off.

-Bob Garon