Monday, October 3, 2016

Monday - Oct. 3

Recumbent Bike
 - 45 minutes
 - 10.80 miles
 - level 8/20
 - aveHR 114
 - maxHR 124

Nice and easy today.


30 to 47 said...

Hey Andrew great blog per usual!

Just wondering, what has been your strategy to get your 2000m row times down?

Once a week? Double 2000m rows with 10 min breaks?

Love to hear your strategy here.



Andrew Durniat said...

Repeat 500m on 1:30-2 minutes rest really seemed to help me a great bit. I worked up to 15 sets. These done once a week while also performing longer cardio-based (HR below 140 bpm) for 45-60minutes combined to lower my times. I then took 4 weeks of performing 2000m with what I felt were manageable decreases in time and ave500m splits. The first week I did the double where I was 6:50/6:46, the following week I went 6:40, week 3 was 6:35 and then I went for my goal time on week 4 and managed 6:27.9.

Building a strong cardio foundation, before adding in the sprint work was very valuable to me and I must still remember to perform my base cardio work in order to perform at a high level for the fast sprint work. It is no one aspect, but how everything works together to achieve the goal.

30 to 47 said...

great response Andrew!!
Where can i learn more about these concepts you talk about? regarding zone 3 and 4 endurance etc??? What type of heart rate monitor do you have?
Jon from oz

Andrew Durniat said...

Total Heart Rate Training by Joe Friel and some of his other endurance books; Going Long, Triathletes Training Bible, have been great references for me. I started training with heart rate with a simple Polar hand me down. I now have a Suunto Spartan Ultra which allows me to log numerous sports/activities along with GPS ability in a single platform. I've been very happy with the upgrade. The more I continue to use the monitor and read, the better I have become at understanding gaps in my endurance performance. It's a never ending learning and analyses process. I also need to keep my focus on my 'A' goal which is the 2017 Ironman in Boulder, CO. This will be a long duration event, so threshold power is not high on my list, but still needs to be cultivated.