Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Jan. 4 - Tuesday

Battling Ropes - tabata

Log Split Jerk - from rack
5 x 110#
5 x 160#
5 x 190#
5 x 210#
5 x 210#

Dynamic Bench @ 155# + #1 bands
- 10 sets of 3 on 1:00

15 minutes (EDT)
Dips + 40kg
- 7 sets of 5
4" rack ball pullup
- 7 sets of 5

#1 incline db press
20 x 70#


Eric said...

Okay. I've been meaning to comment for some time now. Today's the day. So . . . speaking of weighted dips, during my workout on Thursday, Jan. 6 I also did weighted dips. 3 sets. 5, 6 and 4. Weight used? 5 lbs. And they were brutal! That stupid belt is a size huge. I have to wrap the chain through the plate, around and back through it again so that it isn't hanging down at my ankles. Who thinks up these wacky exercises??? But I did it. I don't have any videos but I have eye witnesses. Plenty of people at the gym wondering what the heck is wrong with her!!! And yesterday, Friday Jan. 7th I did 2 bench presses at 80 lbs. Take that! Thursday I couldn't do one but that was after 3 sets of 30 at 55 lbs. That's my required Arnold weight or a little bit more. They are slow and ugly but I get there. One final tip for you. Use lbs rather than kilo. First off, this is the U S of A, big boy. Second, the numbers get bigger much faster. Ha ha ha!!! See you at the Arnold. And remember, you should be sweating because I'm chomping at your heels!!!

Eric said...

Eric's having a heart attack that this looks like it came from him. Ha ha ha!!! But no. It's just me. Small but Mighty in Maine!

optraining said...

You will have a great pump and run at the Arnold. How is the transition for an all out bench press for reps to then running? I'm sure it is similar to a triathlon transition from the swim to bike.