Thursday, February 4, 2010

Feb. 4 - Thursday

Barbell Snatch to hang snatch
40kg x 3
50kg x 2
60kg x 2
70kg x 2

1-arm Jerk @ 40kg, single arm switch
- 4 minutes @ 20/18(r) - 20/18(l) 38/38 totals

Safety Bar Squat + #4 bands (~90# each)
5 x 160#
2 x 250
2 x 270 - 8 sets

Hip Belt Squats
8 x 64kg
8 x 80kg
8 x 80kg
8 x 80kg

Axle Wrist Curls
3 x 5 @ 55kg

Anvil Walks (r/l) - 12 yds


climber511 said...

Some pretty serious numbers on the 40K KB jerks - very nice work!

optraining said...

Thanks. I believe, with some work, I can do the same with a 48kg.

Steve Gardener said...

Hey Andrew, I've started alternating IM Horn work with a 2" FBBC V-Bar and found it's damned good Anvil walk practice. Just a thought. I don;t think any of us will struggle with a lift but it's all about who will go the furthest. I wanna get 10 metres next time (about the same as the 12 yards you did).

optraining said...

Thanks Steve. I have done some timed holds with the 2" Vbar and have found the same as you, good Anvil practice, yet different enough that I can still train heavy. Very much using the conjugate system for grip training on this one.

I'm happy to be competing in grip next weekend at the Dino Gym. With all that equipment I plan to run through a mini-Arnold make-up after the main comp.