Thursday, February 18, 2010

Feb. 18 - Thursday

- Agility Ladder
- Depth Jumps @ 18" - 2 x 5

Double Clean + Jerk @ 32kg, set bells down each set
- 10 sets of 6 on the minute

Back Squat
5 x 135#
5 x 225
5 x 315
5 x 345
5 x 345 - belt
5 x 345 - belt

Here are some video clips of my sets. Please give your feedback on my form.


30 to 47 said...

thanks andrew for posting that

a few qs?

a. do you wear WL shoes to help you get depth?
b. how do you work up to getting big 5RM numbers? through 5 by 5 templates or ME squat programs?

keep it up man. form looks good to me.


optraining said...

1) I wear flat soled shoes. Whenever I wear weightlifting shoes for back squats my knees start to hurt.

2) I seem to respond best to repetition work; so 5x5 works well for me. However, reps are what I do, hence, kettlebell sport. I can do 20 rep squats with 315# but I max out around 425#. My goal is to change that to 20-rep with 405# and maxing over 500#.

brockulla said...


Do you pay special attention to depth and lumbar spine flexion with you or your athletes? I have a long torso and I think ATG squats and DL ended up giving me back issues (Degenerative Disk Disease). Just wondering your thoughts on the subject.

optraining said...


You must pay attention to lumbar flexion. My athletes squat to the depth they are capable of while we work on flexibility. Sure 'Ass To Ground' is great, but only if your mobility permits this movement. Not all of my athletes DL from the ground either and very few start deadlifting from the ground.

I want full range of movement, but some many that maybe a 16" for squats and 5" blocks for deadlifting.

brockulla said...

Thanks Andrew. This is actually John who you just sold some shoes to.