Sunday, July 31, 2016

Saturday - July 30

Pool swim w/ Kyle
 - 200 yds warmup
 - 4 x 50 yds sprint on the minute
 - 4 x 25 yds side kick
 - 50yds then thunderstorms rolled in

Later in the evening. 6-9p
GoRuck Lake Erie shore event in AvonLake
 - started with approximately an hour of beach and water calisthenics; push-ups, flutter kicks, crawls, drags, arm raises, etc.
 - clean and press picnic tables in groups of 4 and then did 'sled pushes' with the tables in groups of 4 as well.
 - fire mans carry a partner out and back ~30yds, both had 30# packs on.
 - hiked local park and found a freshly downed tree ~14" at base, cut a 25' section and team carried through the woods for 15-20 minutes
 - liter carried a person 1.5 miles rotating out positions without stopping or verbal communication.
 - Indian run 1.5 miles back to starting point, 14 minutes 

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