Monday, January 5, 2015


 - Hiked Wooster Memorial Park with Kilo
 - mid-40s and rain, but went between 4-5 miles in 2 hours
 - 25# pack and mountaineering boots, found some ice next to the stream to try out the crampons

 - indoor climbing at Vertical Adventures in Columbus, OH
 - all top-roped, started at their '5.6' and worked our way through the grades before finishing on a '5.11' had to hang 3-4 times before completing this one, but was happy.  I can see how indoor climbers can get in trouble outside, their 'indoor 5.8/9' felt more like 5.4/5 outside.
 - we finished with some bouldering, we can tell we are drastically improving in this area as well, still beginners but getting stronger and having better balance/body control.

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climber511 said...

Climbing indoors is fun and will make you a better "gymnastic" climber but there is a whole other skill set needed when you go outdoors so you don't get yourself in trouble (or dead). thankfully you all are learning both!