Friday, July 31, 2009

Olympic Training Hall, Ventspils, Latvia

Today we traveled to the Latvian Olympic Training Hall in Ventspils, Latvia. We had our weight-ins and filled out the necessary paperwork. I came in at 101.9 kg and will be competing in the 105kg Masters class. My body feels good for tomorrows work that needs to be done. 80 jerks and 150 snatches are the goal. Below are a few pictures of the warm-up room which is where the Latvian Olympic Weightlifting team trains. It was quite special to do a light Clean + Jerk on the same bar as weightlifting great Victor Scerbathis.


Boris T. said...

Nice pics! Hope things went well.

Cedric said...

Hi Andrew,

I made a little report of my trip to Ventspils this year, with the videos that I shot. You can find it on my new blog:

I have your report linked in it.