Friday, June 12, 2009

Thursday - June 11

Axle Deadlift - Double Overhand
1 x 65 kg
1 x 105 kg
1 x 135 kg
1 x 387 #
1 x 437 #
1 x 457 # (video)

- 5 x 5 @ 100kg

KB Snatch @ 24 kg, single arm switch
- 10 minutes @ 15 rpm

The axle pulls felt great, i could have walked around with 437#. Next weekend is the BIG Chad Woodall Grip challenge and the axle lift is giving me some renewed confidence in my hand strength.


Max Shank said...

Strong Pull!

climber511 said...

Well - that pretty well answers my question about how your cut hand will affect you at Chad's contest!

Penn said...

Hand seems to be working. This seems like as good of a place as any to ask. How do you train your open-hand/rolling thunder grip strength? Do you have a set regime or do you just hit something like an Axle Deadlift or a Rolling Thunder every so often for whatever reps you feel like?

Terence Mitchell said...

Andrew great strength!

BTW what is your footware of choice for DL? at the moment ive ditched my chuck taylors and am pulling bare foot..

optraining said...

Honestly, feel the high rep kettlebell snatch and swing sets really help improve my support strength on the axle and rolling thunder. I will then do a DL on both every so often to keep the feel.

As for shoes, I wear some flat soled skateboard shoes for squatting and deadlifts. More stylish than the chuck taylors and just as effective. I've pulled some barefoot and would probably pull in wrestling shoes if I competed in powerlifting.