Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Global Grip Challenge

I competed in the Global Grip Challenge (US National Grip Championships) this past Saturday in Towanda, Pennsylvania. I took 3rd place in what was a star studded field of competitors; Jedd Johnson, Chad Woodall, John Eaton, Rex Hubbard, Paul Knight, Brent Barbe, Bob Sundin, Brendan Dwyer, Nick Rosendaul, Chris Rice, Zach Coulter and Josh McCann.

Chad Woodall was the winner for the 3rd straight year in a row, Jedd Johnson won previously. So it was no disappointment to come in 3rd to these animals of the grip world. I will touch on some of the highlights of the competition.

The first event was IronMind grippers. Myself, Chad Woodall, Jedd Johnson and Paul Knight were able to mash the handles of a #3.5 gripper together from a parallel set. We all tried for the wider credit card set, but to no avail. This also came to be a highlight for the day, because in my very close attempt at CCS #3.5 I came to within 1-2mm closing. That is wonderful, but the effort cost me my consciousness. I vaguely remember placing the gripper back on the table, but then it was lights out and the next I remember is Lorraine holding me from behind on the ground asking if I was alright. I sat for a bit, laughed for a bit and then worked my way back to standing. If you think grip training is not intense, think again.

After a successful recovery, I went on to lift 206.78 lbs. in the 2-hand pinch. Chad Woodall and Jedd Johnson add a tie for first with 242.16#. The third event is easily my best, Apollon Axle Deadlift. I pulled 455.81# for an official, in competition World Record, I pulled 462# while in Hamburg, Germany for a grip demonstration. I tried 465# on Saturday but it was not to be.

Next up was the Medley event. This event was interesting because all competitors were asked to bring 3 items to be lifted on the plateform. Everyone catered to their strengths and brought objects that pushed there own limits. 21 objects in all were setup and we had 3 minutes to lift as many objects onto a 27" platform as possible. You had to lift your objects first was the only stipulation. Chad also came out on top with 18 objects, Jedd lifted 16 and myself 14.

The last event was Reverse Style Steel Bending. Chad and myself were capable of getting a 1/4" x 6" grade 8 bolt rated 485#) to bend past 40 degrees. Jedd went bigger with a 505# rated 6" length and Paul Kniight took top honors with a 585# piece.

A great event put on by Jedd and Smitty of the Diesel Crew.


Franz Snideman said...

Frickin awesome Andrew! nice job man!

Looks like the training is going super well!

Anonymous said...

Nice work for such a little guy!!! Good thing you came to before Lorainne jumped on top and started her version of Andrew style CPR! Matt Mc.

The Edge said...


Congratulations! Thats an awesome result, plus the added bonus of a world record, Awesome! You must be a happy man right now. Keep working and progressing at this rate and no one will be able to hang with you!

Again, congrats mate!

lopa said...

So close, Matty Man, soooo close. I spent a fair amount of time beating on the other women in my way though.

Paul said...

great effort Andrew!