Thursday, September 22, 2016

Wednesday - Sept. 21

KB Snatch Set
 - 6 minutes, single arm switch
 - 24kg
 - 20rpm
 - aveHR 131
 - maxHR 143

Later in the evening.....

GoRuck training event here at DS:

Warm-up w/ rucks on:
Various sets and reps of
- pushup
- squat
- 4-count flutter
- leg lever
- rolling left/right
 - up-downs

30 reps (partner up)
- sandbag burpee w/ overhead press
- 40# bag with rucks on

Team carry of telephone pole down hillcrest (south)

Grosjean Park.  ½ into park and then into the river
- pushups/burpees/flutter kicks/leg levers/rolling

Leap Frog out of the park

Back uphill to stashed telephone pole. Carry pole back to gym.

Definitely a butt kicker but everyone performed well.

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