Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tuesday - Feb. 10

Erg - 5 minutes
 - drag factor #4
 - 1:43.4 ave500m
 - 1450m

Foam Roller / Dynamic Warm-up

Hurdle jumps

 - 18" x 6
 - str/lat/str x 6

 - forward rolls x 8 singles

Clean x3 + Jerk x1
 @ 60, 70, 85kg
5 sets @ 96kg

Clean Pull
 4 x 3 @ 115kg

 5 x 60, 100kg
 5 x 124kg
 3 x 140kg
 4 x 157kg

Later in afternoon.......

12 minutes ( EDT) - 8 sets
 - Ring Pull-up x 5
 - Ring Dip x 5
 - Pistol x 1 (r/l)

L-sits on scale weights
 - 10sec Work / 20sec Rest x 8 sets
 - no legs bent this time

Hanging Leg Raise - slow
 x 4, 4, 4

Later even....

Campus board work - all on Large rungs
 - warmed up with feet assisted up-down movement on 3 rungs
 - couple of ladders to top and down, 1-hand per rung
 - ladder to top skipping a rung, down using every rung
 - skipped 2 rungs, single move to matched hands, drop down (r/l)
 - every rung ladder to finish


climber511 said...

Quite a day there!

Andrew Durniat said...

Climbing is feeling better and better. Also continues to be addicting, so I'm really trying not to over do it on the campus board. Building a good portion of our bouldering wall this Friday, excited to be able to work on footwork weekly as well.

climber511 said...

Next thing is you're going to try and drop some weight to climb better - I hope you have better luck at that than I am - I seem to be stuck at 200#. Having a wall to train on will really up your game - more so than campussing I imagine.

Andrew Durniat said...

I haven't been willing to 'willingly' drop weigh just yet. Accepting that weight-loss will occur with my change in focus, but I like food way too much to diet down. Been holding 225# again, last year at this time I was at 245#. A wall for footwork is going to be huge for me; timed traverses, system board like flagging, drop-knee and turning practice. Managing climbing fatigue is my new challenge not to overtrain the fingers and tendons. Next week is de-load.

climber511 said...

Send me some pictures when you get the bouldering wall done - how steep are you making it?

Andrew Durniat said...

i'll get pics up friday night. plan is 12' high. 12' wide section will be 20 degree overhang, 8' section will be 10 degree overhang. vertical around the corner and over doorway connecting to campus board.