Friday, February 27, 2015

Thursday - Feb. 26

Breaking the drought....

15 minutes (EDT) - 8 sets of each
 - Double KB clean+push press @ 24kg x 5
 - Double KB Lunge @ 24kg x 5(r/l)
 - Hanging knee raise x 5

5 minutes rest

15 minutes (EDT) - 10 sets of each
 - Ring Pullups x 5
 - Dips x 5
 - Bench crunch + Leg Raise x 8 each

Desperately needed to get back to moving.  Took the last 2 weekends to build our bouldering wall, couple of 19 hours days, but it is completed and looks great.  I have managed the energy to climb a couple of days and played on the campus board Tuesday.

Really liked the kettlebells with the EDT training.  In some ways I'm struggling with dropping strength in my barbell lifts while my overall endurance and climbing ability increase.  The upside is once the weather breaks we're going to do some fantastic climbing.

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