Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wednesday - Oct. 29

Cardio Day

Dynamic Warm-up

Road Run
 - 2.97 miles
 - 25 minutes 31 seconds

ave. HR 158
max HR 172

 - 30 minutes
 - cross training 1, level 6/20

ave HR 130
max HR 141

Recumbent Bike
 - 30 minutes
 - manual, level 6/20

ave HR 118
max HR 127

Run did not 'feel' very good, but was 16 seconds faster and max HR 7 bpm less (aveHR stayed the same).  


climber511 said...

It hasn't been easy but I've been staying in zone 1. Went to zone 2-3 today and it felt good - I just keep repeating - discipline discipline :)

Andrew Durniat said...

My discipline to stay in Zones is not very strong. I am going to take a deload next week, very needed. Quads are ready to relax. Looking at rearranging my lifting days from Tues-Thurs to Mon-Thurs. Light cardio will then be Tues. I hope this gives better recovery after squats and pistols.

Gym climbing again this Saturday. I plan to practice the 1-arm climbs and really focus on footwork and foot balance.