Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday - August 25

Max HR test day

Dynamic Warm-up
Jump Rope - 2 minutes

Erg - drag factor 6
 - 2 minutes - steady warm-up
 - rest - 20 sec.
 - 2 minutes - test

max HR attained - 178 bpm


climber511 said...

What max HR testing protocol did you use? There seems to be several out there.

In the past I've used the "one more stroke and I'm gonna barf" system (then read the monitor) but I suppose I should get more scientific at some point.

Andrew Durniat said...

Mine was similar to yours. I did make sure I was good and warmed up, generally and then specifically. My first 45 sec. of my test period were not flat out but rather very up tempo (500m pace) and then I just tried to sprint as long as possible which lasted 45 sec. The last 30 sec. was me just staying upright on the erg. Thankfully my heart rate monitor saves my highest bpm reached so I don't need to try and read it as I go.

Andrew Durniat said...

I'm interested to just monitor my HR during training. I will use the HR to keep Saturday's training in Zones 1+2 with a bike/hiking block.

climber511 said...

I wear mine occasionally during the weight training portion of my workouts - kind of interesting which movements really up it and which ones don't. It's not always the one's that seem hardest.