Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July 13 - Tuesday

Today's workout was well spread out. I did one set every so often as time permitted between and during clients sessions.

5 x 135#
5 x 245
5 x 335
5 x 425
5 x 475
5 x 515
5 x 515
5 x 515
5 x 515
1 x 515 - hands were raw
5 x 515 - straps

Shrugs from just above knees
10 x 225#
8 x 315
8 x 515
5 x 605
5 x 695

It looks like this is going to be how my training will be on most days. I should have a day or 2 for standard training and I will be mixing in the much needed GS sets as time permits. Who knows, maybe this is a change for the better. If strength is gained, it is well worth it.


Steve said...

Hi Andrew,

What do you recommend for the GS sets? How many and how often and any advice on the programming for this as a whole?

I'm pretty much a beginner to training more GS style - been gradually doing more of it over the last few months.



optraining said...

Gradual progression is the key like anything. Where to start? Depends on where you are at and your conditioning level. I don't just want to say start doing 4-6 minute sets with double 24kg bells. That maybe too much, or it my be too little.

Email me with more specifics about your current training for more info.