Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oct. 27 - Tuesday

2-arm Jerk @ 32kg
- 10 sets of 20 reps (2-4 minutes rest between sets)

Went for higher volume today. This was hard and beat the crap out of me. It really forced me to find a good rack position during the final sets. My arms felt good in the overhead position. My hips were the most fatigued, especially during the second dip in the jerk upon coming to full lockout.

I think I will do this again next week.


Eric St-Onge said...

That's a lot of volume Andrew! How long was the duration of each set (on average)?

optraining said...

I wasn't watching the clock during the set. Towards the end I think I had slowed down to 7-8 rpm.

Hips and triceps are sore today. But I was able to get good sleep and feel energetic overall.