Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Oct. 13 - Tuesday

1-arm LongCycle @ 32kg, switch arms every minute
- 20 minutes @ 10 rpm

This was a nice easy pace today. I probably can do 12 rpm without much problem at this weight. My legs and body are still in recovery mode from this past weekend in Santa Monica with the Age of Quarrel workshop. I'll take tomorrow off and then train again on Thursday before heading to NYC this weekend.


30 to 47 said...

hey andrew

on your back squats

how deep do you go?

do you go to a box or just get a feel for parallel?


ps do you ever do ATG heavy ollie squats?



optraining said...

If I use a box it is 14" which is below parallel for me. I go ATG only with my oly lifts, even if I catch high I will ride it down to ATG.

30 to 47 said...

thanks man