Monday, August 4, 2008

August 4 - Monday

I was tired heading into today. I think it was from National All-Around Championships I competed in yesterday. These were some different lifts and I'm glad I was able to experience it first hand.

The first event was the 1-arm clean and jerk with a standard bar. I was able to manage 60kg pretty easily and then spun around like a top after cleaning 70kg because I was off balance apparently. Our second event was the Pullover and Press. It was more of a roll over your face, pivot on your elbows and then a major bridging floor press. I stopped at 70kg knowing My elbows were not use to that stress. Third up was the Zercher, we would deadlift the bar to our knees and then continue lifting with the bar resting in the crooks of our elbows. I managed 170kg (374lbs.) and have the bruises to prove it. Next was an event suited for me, 1-arm Deadlift. I pulled 200kg (440lbs.) on a standard straight bar with my left arm (hook grip), and 195kg (429lbs.) on my right (hook grip). According to the USAWA records they had on hand, both of those lifts qualified as records. Previously it was 375lbs. on the left and 425lbs. on the right. The last event for the day was the hip lift. This is a minimal range of motion lift and I managed 1700lbs. We ran out of room on the bar and were balancing plates on top, another guy did 1800lbs.

So with all that behind me I came into todays workout a bit unrested. I chose to delay my leg workout until tomorrow, I'd much rather have a down upperbody day than a down leg day.

Diesel Crew Shoulder Warm-up

Snatch Balance
5 x 20 kg
5 x 30
5 x 40
5 x 45
5 x 50

5 x 50 kg
3 x 60
3 x 80
3 x 90
3 x 95

sport - 10
trainer - 10
#1 - 10, 10, 10

15 minutes (EDT)
Push Press @ 135 lbs.
7 sets of 5 reps
DB Row (2" handle) @ 100 lbs.
7 sets of 5 reps

40lbs. hex blob play

Titan Telegraph Key
5 x 5 lbs.
5 x 7.5
5 x 10

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