Tuesday, August 19, 2008

August 19 - Tuesday

Squat Clean
3 x 60 kg
3 x 90
3 x 105
3 x 120
2 x 120

Dynamic Squats
272 lbs. + heavy (2.5") bands
15 sets of 2 on the minute - belt worn

160lbs. x 5 quick
160lbs. x shouldered twice

Seated Calf Raise
4 sets of 15 x 90 lbs.

Was still feeling tired today. Travel really does just take it out of me. Wednesday will be off and then back to training again on Thursday, Friday with a possible strongman play day on Saturday for fun.

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Terence Mitchell said...

Hi Andrew

Hope you have been well and training is strong!

I'd just like to share some good news with you. Since you shared some advise on grippers work ive followed you gripper training and just adjusted the grippers for my level.

Some PR's! I closed the #2.5 with a TNS RH! and got the #3 within 5mm with a cert set RH! I'm so @#$$@# happy!

Having big long hands helps no doubt but the work still has to be done!

Speak later bud